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Who we are?

The DHH program at Ballou Jr High is made up of deaf and hard of hearing students from 6th grade- 9th grade.  We proudly welcomed the 6th graders onto our campus this year to accommodate for the elementary school overload at Zeiger Elementary School.  The program promotes the total communication educational philosophy and is home to 2 highly qualified Teachers of the Deaf, 6 sign language interpreter/tutors, 2 district audiologists and a speech langauge therapist with a focus on DHH children.  We offer both mainstream and self-contained services for all students who qualify for special services and have a diagnosed hearing loss.  The program focuses on bridging the communication, academic and social barriers between the deaf and hearing worlds. 


The Staff at Ballou includes:


Katie Manghillis, M.Deaf Ed- Teacher of the Deaf, grades 7-9

Jennifer Foster, M.Deaf Ed- Teacher of the Deaf, grade 6


Robin Cashman, CI/CT- Interpreter Coordinator

Kelly Jennings, NIC- Interpreter/Tutor

Debbie Allen, EIPA- Interpreter/Tutor

Alicia Garcia- Interpreter/Tutor

MaryAnn Iza- Interpreter/Tutor

Wendy Vendetoulli- Interpreter/Tutor


Kalin King- Audiologist

Becky Masenheimer- Audiologist


Kristen Bailey- DHH Speech-Language Pathologist