Welcome to the Ballou Junior High Counseling Department

Mission Statement 

The Ballou Junior High School Counseling Department in conjunction with all stakeholders play an integral role in encouraging and celebrating the unique strengths of each student. The professional school counselors advocates for all students to have a safe and rigorous learning environment to help them become college and career ready. Given equity, access, and targeted support, all students will be empowered to explore and define their idea of success and growth in academic, career, and social/emotional development domains.

Counselors Hours   7:00am-2:30pm, Monday-Friday 

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Alicia Klinger
  - Students with the last names (A - K)     
253 841-8725 x6647
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Mark Cooksley  - Students with the last names (L-Z)
253 841-8725 x6640

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We believe that each student is unique.  Each student’s individual uniqueness needs to be nurtured and celebrated. 

Jessica Carratelli - School intern  
253 841-8725 x6640


College Bound Scholarship

Think you can't afford college?  Think again!

Are you in 7th or 8th grade?  You may be eligible for a four-year College Bound Scholarship.   Please see your counselor for more information.
Pierce County Recovery Support Line
When you need to talk to someone who has also faced mental health challenges 
Daily from 3pm-11pm

Washington Recovery Help Line
24-hour help finding resources for substance use, mental health, and gambling problems

Teen Link
Phone on online chat support and resource assistance 
Every night from 6pm - 10pm

In Crisis?
Text Hello to 741741 and speak anonymously with a Crisis Counselor.

The Trevor Project 
Confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ young people

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline