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Visual Arts

Art 1

This is a beginning course where all of the basic concepts in art are taught and demonstrated in creative projects using a variety of mediums.  Art history is also taught as part of the curriculum.  A sketchbook is required.


Art 2

This is an intermediate course where the concepts previously learned in Art 1 are put into practice and demonstrated in a wide variety of projects and mediums.


Art 3

This is an advanced course that teaches the student the basics in “seeing” as an artist and learning how to draw.  There are a wide variety of activities and skills learned and practiced as well as projects that are challenging using artist quality materials.  After this course, the student will be able to draw anything!


Art 4, 5, 6

All of these are advanced courses are designed for the student to become more skilled and practiced in the concepts of art.  Many mediums are used as well as the combination of some.  This course is for the student who wants to further their knowledge and practice in visual art.