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Ballou JH Newsletter
Monthly Ballou JH Newsletter The Bruin's Den
Posted on 03/02/2023

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Ballou Junior High MONTHLY Newsletter :  The Bruin's Den March 2023



Principal's Message


Students have completed their 23-24 course registration.   Please take a few minutes to talk with your child about their selections.    We will first place students in appropriate required courses.  Then, do our best to place them with one of their chosen electives.   Our Admin/Counseling Team will continue to work on next year's Master Schedule until we get it right for students and staff. 


Your Principal,  Mrs. Kusche

  • No event parking along field fences or reserved parking. 

    No pick up  parking  of drop off along Main Drive yellow curb from the Main Entrance to the bike rack.  This is now reserved for Special Education buses, Special Needs families and out of district transportation.  

    Phones must be silenced and put in backpacks before entering any classroom.    Phones are not to be taking along during restroom breaks.

    Language:  There is no room for derogatory racial or homophobic language at Ballou. Those who do so will be disciplined. 

    Vaping is a nationwide school discipline problem.   Several of our schools are piloting use of vape detectors. Meanwhile, we routinely check bathrooms, require bathroom passes, and are asking our students to report vaping immediately.  Multiple students in a bathroom stall are not allowed and will be assumed to up to no good.

    We need parent volunteers for morning drop off and lunch time.  Call for more information.  

    After School:  students must leave campus at 1:55 unless they are working directly with a teacher, in a club or sport.   Those students attending home games must attend FAN CLUB after school.  Students not in FAN CLUB may come to games WITH a parent.    

    Safeway Management reserves the right to refuse service and ask loitering students to leave.   Please help us respect our local businesses.

    Our school counselors do not provide therapeutic counseling.  They will, however, provide you with resources for mental health support, including Hazel Health tele-counseling. 

    We try to accommodate walk in requests for meetings with Administrators and Counselors.  However, recently, we have had to turn folks ahead.  Please call ahead to make an appointment. 

March is Women's History Month

  • Daily bell ringers about female influencers related to each class.
  • ELA/SS Lessons on positive impact women and women's stories have had on American History.  


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