Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Q & A


UPDATED 10:30 AM Monday, March 2, 2020

Puyallup School District Community:

As the severity of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has increased in King and Pierce Counties over the last 24 hours, this message updates you on school district operations.

The Puyallup School District is committed to keeping our learning community informed. The health and well-being of our students, staff, and community are a top concern. Below are answers to some questions you may have as well as some guidance for you to consider.

How does the Puyallup School District make decisions?

The Washington State Department of Health is the lead agency in public health crisis situations in our state and provides school districts direction on how to manage responses.

We are continuing to work closely with the Washington State Department of Health and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD) so we can respond quickly to any changes in their recommendations, guidance, and direction.  One of our staff members has direct contact with the TPCHD so we are in close communication with their officials.

Is the Puyallup School District closing schools?

Puyallup School District schools will work closely with the TPCHD and rely on their recommendation to close schools.

When would the Puyallup School District close schools?

If a case of COVID-19 is found in the Puyallup School District, we will follow direction from public health officials, which may include closing schools and cancelling activities and sporting events.

It is likely, at a minimum, that the Puyallup School District would close any affected school for at least one day for disinfection. An affected school would only be open after we are satisfied that it is safe for students and staff to return to school.

What can I do now?

 The Puyallup School District encourages our parents to have plans in place, especially for those with younger children. Actions to take include:

  • Finding alternative childcare arrangements for your children in case of school closure.
  • Talking to your neighbors and other parents in your child’s school about sharing childcare duties if your children are well but the school is closed.
  • Talking to your employer about policies for working from home or shifting work schedules or responsibilities if schools are dismissed or you become sick.

Stay home if you are sick.

The Puyallup School District has helpful guidelines for keeping your child at home if they are too sick. These are also helpful for adults to follow when they are sick. Below you will find a link for “When is your child too sick for school?” as well as an infographic regarding Coronavirus.

 Stay Connected:

This guidance is likely to change as this situation evolves, so please know we are committed to providing you with timely updates and guidance aligned with the best recommendations and guidance from our public health authorities.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (February 28, 2020_:

We remain committed to keeping our families informed as your health and well-being are our top concern. The Puyallup School District continues to be in communication with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and the Washington State Department of Health.  The WSDOH is the lead agency in providing school districts with direction on how to manage public health responses.

"The Washington State Department of Health's guidance continues to only recommend that travelers stay home, away from others, and monitor their health for 14 days. The new guidance only recommends staying home for travelers arriving in the U.S. AFTER February 2, 2020 at 2pm. Family members or other close contacts of these travelers who are asymptomatic can continue with their daily routines."

Any changes in guidance will be immediately communicated to our families.  As a District we will continue to clean surfaces daily at all buildings. This includes cleaning and disinfecting tables/counters, toilets/sink fixtures, soap/paper dispensers, doorknobs, exit devises, etc. As with the regular flu, if students or staff experience fever, they should stay home from school. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states the risk is "low" for the general American public. We ask that you help keep our schools safe for everyone by sharing accurate information with your children and fellow community members.

For more information and resources on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit Washington State Department of Health or the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department.