Student Computer Timeline

Why are we changing from textbooks to reading and learning on a computer?

• It is a better use of our community's tax dollars to build digital courses we own, rather than purchase expensive materials from a limited number of publishers.
• The selection of traditional materials which fit our community is limited. Digital materials are cost effective and easily updated to meet the needs of our students in Puyallup.
• 21st Century Skills in technology are critical for graduates moving into the job market, training and college.

Need to Know
The rollout of computers is designed to support student learning while also being financially responsible to our taxpayers.

Technology Roll Out:
The class of 2023 is the 7th class in the fall of 2017. 
The class of 2028 will be the first to have a computer from 4th grade through 12th grade.

Educational Technology and Engagement Center (EdTec)
Mark Vetter, Executive Director of Instructional Technology