Assistant Principal's Message
Hello Bruins!

We have made it through the first few months of school! Winter Break is just around the corner! When we return from break it is going to be critical that we all buckle down and push to the end of the semester. Be an advocate for yourself and finish strong Bruins. 
On another note please remember you have classmates who are really struggling right now. Feeling isolated and uncomfortable in this virtual world. Reach out to someone you have not talked to in awhile, check on them, have a conversation. We all need to be kinder than necessary to each other right now. Last remember when posting on social media really take time to think about what you are posting. Is is kind, is it necessary, is it going to make someone feel good? Social Media is an awesome tool if we use it for good not to bring others down. Take care of each other Bruins!  
If you have continued issues or have questions please email me and I will help you problem solve or answer your questions. Remember we will get through all of this and come out stronger for it. #TogetherBetterBruins

Warm regards,

Mrs. Cella

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